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Translation: 2020 was an exceptional year. On the one hand, the demand for translation services was low in the first quarter of the year. On the other hand, it was steadily rising again afterwards. Furthermore, the demand for machine translation including human post editing has increased ever since.  


Teaching: Due to Corona, teaching has been revolutionized. Why? While education campuses have stayed closed during the still ongoing Covid-19 crisis, the idea of traditional education has changed profoundly within the last couple of months leading to a wide acceptance of online learning.


Thus, we might be entering a new era of teaching as the advantages of this type of learning  have become more and more obvious including a high degree of flexibility, an easy accessibility from anywhere in the world and finally a tailor-made learning for customers no matter where they are just to name a few. Online learning is gradually taking over traditional classroom teaching and we believe that this trend cannot be stopped again. Thus, we have included this service in our portfolio.


We are curious to know what this year will bring for our customers and our language service.


Anyways, we will keep you updated on latest trends.


Best wishes,

Heidi Karin Bey



Not only was 2019 a busy year, but also 2020 is promising to be a year filled with work.

While the demand for teaching has been stable and high, there are ‘exciting’ times for translators lurking in the bushes. Why? A lot of changes have been going on in the translation industry due to the advent of neural machine translation, short NMT. This is the reason why post-editing machine translations have become increasingly important while pre-editing services also belong to a new kind of service translators need to offer in order to survive in the translator business. It means to prepare a text to be machine translated. This is quite challenging as not every text type is suited to be tailored to machine needs.

Anyways, it will be  exciting  to discover what the future will bring for the translation business. One thing is for sure, translators need to be flexible and willing to change in order to adapt to market demands.

For now, the Language Service Bey team wishes you a happy and successful year.

Best wishes,

Heidi Karin Bey