Language Service Bey


Heidi Karin Bey

Is the owner of the language service BEY. She studied English, French and economics in Montréal, Mannheim and Leipzig. In 2013, she took her Master’s degree in adult education at the technical university of Kaiserslautern. She is a member of the German translator’s association BDÜ and loves to volunteer for the German-Canadian Society.

Since 2000, she has been teaching at Saxon universities. In 2004, she started her business as a freelancer in Meißen, Germany.


Karl Bey

Studied law in Münster and Seattle supporting Karin with his wide knowledge in almost any field. Over the years, he has become an indispensable member of our team. 


Johannes Bey

Has been raised multilingually in Dresden. He studied European linguistics, cultural  and political sciences in both Groningen (Netherlands) and Strasbourg. He successfully completed his Master’s degree in 2023. He has specialized in intercultural know-how and has already scored with his first lectures on cultural differences as well as similarities between Anglo-Saxon and German cultures.