Language Service Bey


Language Teaching (Online or F2F)

  • Higher education seminars focusing on German, Business English and Français Commercial since 2000.
  • Company training tailored to provide a practical perspective on how to survive in a multicultural environment while learning a foreign language.
  • Language training for professionals worldwide via online platforms.
  • Translator training provides high-quality professional development for future translators and interpreters.



  • Highest translational quality – All translations are effected on the basis of an academic training in translation studies. Many years of professional experience ensures the customer that the highest translational quality standards are met.
  • Specialization – Depth of knowledge in the areas of economics, law and technology are blended with professional experience resulting in a unique first-class translation quality.
  • Certified translations – If desired by the customer, translations can be certified for public authorities.
  • Pre-Editing – preparing a source text for machine translation.