Language Service Bey


A pearl of beauty in the cultural landscape of Saxony

Since 2004, the Language Service Bey has been situated in Meissen – a remarkable city which has by far not yet reached its full potential. However, already now you can imagine what it will be like in the future.

Below, you will find interesting facts about this outstanding city:

  • Meissen can look back on a long tradition: In 929, the city was founded by King Henry I. At the same time, it is the cradle of Saxony.
  • In the eleventh century, it was bishop Benno who brought viniculture to Meissen and even today it is well known for its lovely wines far beyond its borders.
  • In the 15th century, an architectural masterpiece was created, i.e. the Albrechtsburg and whoever has something to say has tried to get a place in its close vicinity to get a glimpse of the castle!
  • Meißen – the birthplace of the contemporary German language! Martin Luther translated the Bible in “Meißen Chancellery German”, the basis of our modern German language. Therefore, I feel honored to live and to work in this city.
  • For more than 300 years, exclusive and unique porcelain pieces have been produced at the Meissen Manufactory.
  • Finally, the Free State of Saxony was founded on the Albrechtsburg October 3, 1990.
  • We have known it since the climate change: Bushy trees and flowering gardens in our cities provide us with shade thus preventing the city centers from heating up, provide fresh, oxygen-rich air and filter the fine dust from road traffic. Due to its hilly landscape, Meißen is already unknowingly providing such a liveable environment in the city centre. 

And today? Meißen is waking up turning into a unique and extraordinary city which has by no means reached its full potential yet. Come and see for yourself what a wonderful place this is.